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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


yes, it is something I dread.  THE OFFICE SHOUT!  First day on Monday and yep, you guessed it OFFICE SHOUT.  Eeeek...... I didn't want to refuse and be thought rude on my first day.  So the cake got cut up and I thought "I can do this" I just didn't say yes please.   THEN it just automatically got handed to me .......so I ate it and felt every mouthful go straight on my ARSE!

However, tomorrow being day 2 (I didn't go in today as was nothing to do till person I'm temping for has actually gone) and I have made my lunch (salad) packed a pear and a mandarin and will take a protein shake!  I will beat this office shout business and I will not get into the habit of buying lunches.  THAT MY FRIENDS is my committment to you and more importantly to myself!   plan plan plan.....prepare prepare prepare.

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  1. The more you use your willpower the stronger it gets! Good luck