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Monday, February 7, 2011

FIRST DAYS..........

Ah yes, there have been many FIRST DAYS in this household lately!

Rooster's First Day of School.....
yes, my baby boy is off to school!  How did he go?  Everybody is asking this.  So...do I give "the truth" or do I fudge and give normal standard reply.  WARNING - truth makes me look like a BAD parent!

So .....how was his first day!  GREAT, loved it.  Settling in well and will be top academic student.

TRUTH...... oh shit, he'll probably be expelled by end of week!  Little turd.  Wouldn't let me take his photo.  Was acting a goat and so all photos are rather blurring as he is trying to run away.  That's okay, he hoped on bus just fine.  I gave bus driver STRICT instructions to drive very carefully with my baby on board (note....she has been driving other 2 to school for 3+ years just fine!)  She promised to only do a small skid out of bus stop.  Bless her!

Then off to school I go to see how well he has settled in.  Rather disappointed teacher hasn't designated a seat at back of classroom just for me!  Oh....photo time!!!!!  Rooster is with his best friend, high pants and monkey!  "Come on boys" says I.  "Lets get a photo"  High pants gives the most adorable gorgeous smile (he is so adorable that boy!!!)  Monkey poses, Rooster.....flips the BIRD!   Yep, fingers!  I quickly whisper to him how inappropriate it is blah blah but pretty sure the teacher has seen out of corner of her eye....DAMN

Then off to morning tea!  Yay!  Fantastic morning spent with other mums whose babies just started school.

Time to pick up.  How was his day........well he refused to do his work and all he wanted to do was play so yes, been told off on first day!  Hopefully he will settle down a bit with time ..........hopefully!!!!!  (doubtful knowing his father and uncle!)

Between calling in to see Rooster at school and running out the door for morning tea I received a phone call.  I GOT THE JOB.  One I had applied for, 7 weeks temping at a law office as a conveyancing clerk!  Didn't know I was so excited about entering workforce till she rang and said I had the job.   WOOOFRIGGGNHOOO.

Jumped up and down outside the classroom when heard the news.  High fives for a few people walking past (hmmm not sure if I explained why I was giving them high fives actually!)   Then heard kinder teacher say "oh, definitely a champagne mum!"     Funny thing is, if I hadn't received that phone call I'm pretty sure tears will flow.

Which brings me to the other FIRST DAY

My first day at work....
yep, first day back in a law office after about 7 years.  Nervous......OMG so nervous.  Excited.....VERY VERY EXCITED!

Didn't sleep a wink the night before.  What will girls be like that I'm working with?  WHAT am I going to wear?  (shopping trip today sorted that one out....first weeks pay gone before I've even earnt it!)

 OMG HOW DO I DICTAPHONE TYPE!  Typing not a problem but if its all on computer how do we download on computer and how do I rewind/fastfoward.......yep that kept me awake ALL NIGHT.  Now, I should re-iterate here I have 17 YEARS experience with Dictaphone typing (pause now....adding those years made me feel old, wine needed!)  and yet that was what kept me awake???????????????  Not, OMG how do I do settlements, OMG what documents do I need, OMG whats the process, but the simple part of Dictaphone typing!  

Pleased to report, Dictaphone typing still done with the old fashioned tapes.  phew.  Even though have done it off the computer downloads many time before!

Settlements attending.  Minor changes to how things done back home in NZ but all seems swift and good!

Computer program been explained.  Lets see on Thursday how much sunk in!

Thoroughly enjoyed my day though.

OH TO BE DRESSED UP AGAIN......plus wearing LIPSTICK!!!!

Oh to be able to focus without hearing "Mmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm Iiiii'mmm hunnnnggggrrrrryyyy"  IT WAS BLISSSSSS!!!!

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  1. Im so happy your FIRSTS all seemed to go OK - Excellent chick!! You sound so excited about your job - i can only imagine how nice it would be to 'dress up and wear lippy' each day you go off!! I'd feel totally overdressed LOL, well i suppose on the farm i would be hahahahha, will try and ring for catch up soon - gosh kids are keeping me busy at mo!!