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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hmmm, okay confession time.  Those who know me will know only too well, how bloody disorganised I truly am!  Like really, really, really disorganised.

So, how do I go about organising myself?????

Have signed up the Michelle Bridge's 12wbt.  I'm not going to jump gun ho into exercise and food diaries just yet.  I want to spend the next few weeks really getting into the mindset of this, as that what has let me down in the past.

So I'm pondering now......organisation seems to be the key and plan, plan, plan.  Can I keep this up?  Is it possible for the Queen of Disorganisation to turn herself around?????


  1. You can! And I'll be following your blog to watch you do it ;)


  2. To be a supportive friend im not gonna tell you off for bagging yourself - because i know it's truely how you feel - even if i dont see you like that. So proud of you Paula!!

  3. Mel.....you are a gem. G said today tho (and I had to laugh) how does your BEST FRIEND not see how disorganised you are. hahahahaha

  4. that not a major to me - your a mum and have kids - i SO KNOW how hard it is to be organised - i can't even organise my 'housecleanig' time to fit in a game with Kian!! He waited 2.5 days to play Cadoo!! But yes - we did play - just like 50hrs after i first said yes!! ANOTHER point - You're always LATE - but thats ok with me - cause so am I - so we would always arrive at the same time FLMAO!!

  5. DUMB - why isn't my photo showing up!!

  6. haha thats okay Mel...your gorgeous face is etched in my head anyway! mwah xxxxx